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How We Value Items

How We Value Items –

Whether you’re looking to sell, trade, or pawn an item, at Alexander’s Jewelry & Loan we will provide you with a valuation free of charge. We have pricing experts on site that will evaluate your items and we will even pay you money on the spot for those items. There is a certain way that we go about this valuation process at Alexander's Jewelry & Loan to see how much your items are worth. The main three factors that we use are current market value of the type of item, the authenticity, and the condition of the item.

Market Value

Every item has a market value. Whether you are looking to sell gold, jewelry, video games, television sets, cell phones, laptops or sporting goods, they all have a current market value, or the average selling price. There are a few different criteria aspects that are used at Alexander’s Jewelry & Loan to calculate the market value. First, our market research professionals are experts at studying the market prices online. We will look at what the current prices are for your used item on websites such as amazon and eBay. The specialists at at Alexander's Jewelry & Loan go about this process with the goal of giving our customers the most amount of money for their items. We want to make sure that our loan values and prices are as accurate as possible with the general going price for your specific pre-owned items. Another factor in determining the retail value is taking into consideration what the professionals at Alexander’s Jewelry & Loan pawn shop think they will be able to sell your item at. We determine this value based on our experience in the pawn shop industry and what we have been able to sell you item for in the past.

How We Authenticate

The authentication procedure at Alexander’s Jewelry & Loan is used to validate different kinds of jewelry, gems, and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. We use this process to not only validate your jewels but also to measure the amount of karats present. When you first bring in your item, we will closely inspect it with a jeweler’s loupe or hand lenses, looking for small details in jewelry such as blemishes and the clarity. Next, we will perform an acid test on your jewelry. This test does not harm or alter your jewelry in any way. It is just our way of determining the karat size of your jewelry.


While most of the items at at Alexander's Jewelry & Loan are used, we also have a large section of new items as well. If the item is used we will take into consideration how much wear and tear it has and the overall condition of the item. We compare the use and condition of the item with the other items that we are currently stocked with and come up with a price. If you have any questions about our pricing or authentication process at Alexander’s Jewelry & Loan give us a call at our convenient Round Lake Beach pawn shop location.